Social Security Maximization

Social Security Maximization includes a review of but not limited to:

  • Taxation of Benefits
  • Working in retirement
  • WEP/GPO for government workers
  • Past Marriages
  • Protecting the surviving spouse
  • COLA
  • Medicare Benefits
  • Benefit Optimization

Did you know if your annual threshold income is over $25,000 when you are single or over $32,000 when you are married, a portion of your Social Security income is probably being taxed. Did you know there are strategies that allow you to continue receiving a similar benefi­t and you might be able to reduce the amount of taxes you pay on it?

In today’s uncertain economic climate, planning your retirement has never been more important. You have been contributing to Social Security and growing your nest egg, but do you know how much income they will provide? There are strategies to examine how much income your Social Security benefi­t can provide, and that you can use your retirement savings to lock in your income during retirement.

Typically, if you delay when you start taking Social Security income, you receive a larger benefit. Do you know when it is best for you to start receiving your Social Security check?

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