Retirement Planning

Whether you are a part of the Baby Boomers or even a generation behind, you are faced with nagging questions regarding retirement.

  • How much money must I have in the bank to be able to retire?
  • How long will I have to work before I can risk retiring?
  • How will I replace my salary from investments?
  • How will I deal with health care costs?
  • When should I begin drawing Social Security?
  • Will there even be Social Security?
  • Can I afford my Bucket List of things I always wanted to do?


And the list goes on…

Our Approach to Investing in Retirement

Retirement planning requires a holistic approach that integrates our financial planning and investment management disciplines.

We start with an in-depth analysis of your current financial picture, long-term goals and risk profile. We then develop a Retirement Plan that includes a comprehensive asset allocation to assure the generation of cash flow to meet both anticipated and contingency needs.

We discuss potential needs for life and long term care insurance and evaluate Estate planning strategies.  Equally as important, your personalized plan is reviewed and updated annually to monitor and adjust to changes in your current or future needs.

No matter what your age or circumstances, Personalized Retirement Solutions, can work with you to develop a retirement plan and investment strategy that is suited to your individual needs.

What is “Your” Next Step…?

Nearing retirement?


It’s never too early or too late to start saving for retirement. No matter your situation, Personalized Retirement Solutions can help you get on the path to a better retirement.

Already retired?


Retiring doesn’t mean that your retirement planning should stop with the work. In fact, retirement planning may be even more crucial while you’re already in retirement.